Belgian Defence International Tattoo 2024

“International cooperation, essential for Liberty”

Safe the following dates in 2024 :

4 June Eupen  (Werthplatz)
5 June Leuven   (Ladeuzenplein)
6 June Antwerpen  (Grote Markt)
7 June Tournai   (Grand Place)
8 June Brussels   (Grand place)

The starting time is 9 pm. however, in some cities there is a local pre-show starting at 8:45 pm.

Reservations from 1st April onwards.

After a successful edition in 2022, Belgian Defense is again organizing an international military tattoo in 5 Belgian cities: EUPEN, LEUVEN, ANTWERP, TOURNAI & BRUSSELS. With this tattoo, the Belgian Defense wants to emphasize that "cooperation" is one of the most important basic pillars of the organization, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, tej Belgian Defence wants to be an active partner IN and OF society. Therefore, this show is a unique co-production between the Belgian Defense and the 5 participating cities.

In the first half of 2024, Belgium will assume the Presidency of the Council of the EU. We are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Both NATO and the EU, as international organizations since their founding in 1948 and in 1957, have demonstrated that international cooperation is an essential and fundamental element to guarantee peace and freedom among partners. Consequently, the theme of the 2024 BeDIT edition "International cooperation, essential for Liberty" was a logical choice.

The importance of international cooperation is also emphasized by the participation of foreign professional military bands, a drill team and a Swiss drum corps. As many as 150 professional musicians will perform a dazzling 2h musical show, enhanced with video images and light show, each time outdoors at a special location.

Participating military marching bands:

  • Netherlands: Fanfare Bereden Wapens
  • Germany: Heeresmusikkorps Neubrandenburg
  • France: la Musique de l’Infanterie de Lille
  • Belgium: the Royal Band of the Belgian Airforce

We complement these military ensembles with an absolute world top in its genre:

  • Switzerland: Top Secret Drumcorps

and as icing on the cake, an exclusive drill team completes the list:

  • USA: United States Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team

The theme - "International cooperation, essential for Liberty" - is the common thread throughout this show. Through a fascinating historical journey from the founding of NATO and the EU, we also let the audience discover how Belgian Defense intends to realize different forms of cooperation in the future. It needs no further explanation that this theme is burningly topical in the current international context. We are convinced that the power of music, brought by professional military musicians, will move everyone and convince even more about the necessity of international cooperation as an essential element for peace & freedom.

Thanks to the special cooperation between Defense and the various cities, this event can be offered FREE to the Belgian population (reservation cost possible).

Highly recommended!

Team BeDIT
Patrick De Smet en Bruno Sprengers